Zoning Regulation

According development plan of Cuttack city, the area of the city have been divided into various zones namely residential, commercial, industrial, administrative, institutional, open space, transport & communication, river front, green belt and natural drainage channel zone. They have their zonal boundaries prescribed by developmental plan.

Below are the tables showing land use permitted/prohibited in different zones.

Land Use Permitted/Prohibited in Residential Use Zones

Use Zone Use Permitted Upto 30% of the area to be permitted on special Consideration Use Prohibited
Residential Use Zone (1) Residential, Hostel, Boarding houses with density limitation, if any (1) Places of worship. (1) Slaughter houses, industries
  (2) School (2) Places of worship. (2) All uses not specifically permitted.
  (3) Health clinics (3) Professional, commercial, Govt. & Semi-Government offices, Institutions.  
  (4) Social, cultural and neighborhood recreational Institutions with Adequate parking facilities. 4) Service uses and shops.  
  (5) Public utilities & Public buildings. (5) Hotels, hospitals & Sanatoria not treating contagious diseases mental patients, if setbacks & coverage of plots are such as not to constitute nuisance to residential area.  
  (6) Non-commercial agricultural garden, nursery and green houses. (6) College & Research Institutions of non-commercial nature, if building is located at a distance of not less than 8 meters from boundary of the plot.  
  (7) Any neighborhood re creation uses including clubs & other semi Public recreational uses. (7) Rearing of poultry and cattle for non-commercial use if no bird or animal is housed closer than 6 meters of a dwelling.  
  (8) Accessory uses clearly incidental to incidental use (except service uses) which will not create a nuisance or hazard. (8) Removal of gravel, clay sand or stone for development of site which will not result in the stagnation of water or cause other nuisance.  
  (9) Customary home occupation if the area for such use does not exceed 25 percent of the total floor area of the dwelling & there shall be no public display of the goods. (9) Bus stop.  
    (10) Petrol filling station on roads of 12 meters. Or more width if they fulfill other requirement laid down in this connection  
    (11) Service industries and storage yards incidental to main use.  
    (12) Crematories and electric crematorium.  
    (13) Philanthropic uses.  
    (14) Places of entertainment including cinema house can be permitted provide d these are located on the important roads of not less than 12 meters. Width & no traffic problems are created.  
    (15) The planning Authority in consultation with the Director of Town Planning, Orissa can allow increased residential density, if in its opinion the proposed densities are desirable and necessary  
    (16) Service industry/Cottage industries