Planning and Building Standard Regulation

The Planning & Building Standard Regulations extends to the whole area within the jurisdiction of Cuttack Development Authority.

Application of Regulations

As per the ODA act, 1982, planning & building standard regulations shall apply to the followings:

  • (a) To the planning, designing and construction of the buildings
  • (b) To all parts of the building whether removed or not and incase of removal of whole or any part of a building.
  • (c) To remaining parts of the building after demolition and work involved in the demolition, in case of demolition of whole or any part of a building
  • (d) To the whole building whether existing or new building (except only to the part of the building which is consistent with these Regulation) in case of alteration of a building.
  • (e) To all parts of the building affected by the change, in case of change of occupancy of a building.
  • (f) To use of any land or building where sub-division of land is undertaken or use of any land or building is changed.


Except as otherwise provided in the Act, the rules, or the development plans, nothing in these regulation can be removed, altered, abandon or prevent from a continuous use or occupancy of an existing approved building, unless in the opinion of the Authority that such buildings is hazard to the safety of the occupant or to the adjacent property.

Status of Remission Previously Granted

  • (a) When construction of building has already started with the permission of the authority but prior to the enforcement of the regulations, and is found consistent with the provision of the regulation, construction would be made valid to continue.

    The said permission for the construction shall be deemed to have been issued under the corresponding provisions of these regulations.

  • (b) When any building has been constructed without an approved Plan or with deviation of an approved plan, provisions of these Regulations shall be insisted upon.

Application for Building Plan

  1. (a) Any person who intents to erect, re-erect or make alteration or addition in any building or demolish any building, shall apply to the Authority in Form I.

    (b) The application(s) for plotted development/ sub-division of land without construction of building shall be made in Form II.

  2. (2) The application (s) as referred above shall be accompanied by the following documents.

    (a) Four blue prints of the plan, duly signed by the persons who have prepared them, builders and the applicant, showing the following things:

    (i) Site Plan (revenue)

    (ii) Layout plan with roads (s)

    (iii) Plan of all floors

    (iv) Four sides elevations

    (v) Sections

    (vi) Area statement

    (vii) Plan for sewerage/drainage disposal

    (viii) Details of parking space with entry and exist

    (ix) Plan caption showing the name of the applicant, revenue, plot number, revenue village, proposed use, number of storey etc.

Public Utility Service

  1. When a number of applications for permission of building in particular area have come up and the authority in charge of PUS can not apportion the costs of such services from each building, in that case, the Vice-chairman of the authority may in consultation with competent authority make the total estimate for any public utility.

    The Vice-Chairman of the authority may either take up such work or make arrangement for depositing the cost in respect to each such building with authority in charge of public utility service. The amount thus collected shall be kept in one or more separate joint accounts of the Authority and implementing agency of the public utility services or as decided by the committee constituted in this regard.

  2. The pro-rata cost of any particular building shall be

    Floor area of the building

    Total infrastructure development cost X ------------------------------------------

    Anticipated total floor area of the area in the next five year.

  3. The pro-rata cost of, and the agencies to execute, public utility services shall be decided from time to time by a committee consisting of the following members:

  4. Sl.No Members Designation
    1 Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Deptor his nominee Chairman
    2 Chief Engineer, Public Health Member
    3 Chief Engineer, Public works Dept (Roads) Member
    4 Executive officers of Urban Local Bodies in the Development Area Member
    5 Managing Director CESCO Member
    6 Member Secretary, Orissa Water Supply and Sewerage and Sewerage Board. Member
    7 Director, Town Planning Member
    8 Vice-Chairman of the Authority Member Convener
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