Faqs on Allotment

Allotment /Commercial Properties

Allotment of shop/commercial Premises /Office Premises

Q1. How Can I get allotment of a Shop/Commercial Premises/Office Premises?

A1:CDA constructs Shop/Commercial premises/Office premises in order to meet the demand of the City at various locations. CDA disposes the constructed commercial premises on long term lease basis/rental basis. Pre­sently office complexes are lying vacant at Arunodaya Bhawan, Link Road, Cuttack. Vikas Sadan, College Square, Cuttack. Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack at Sec-6, Cuttack and at Old Jail complex Cuttack. Shops are lying vacant at Old Jail Complex, Buxi Bazar and at Bidanasi Project area.

Applications from prospective buyers are invited through a Public notice (appearing in the leading newspaper in Oriya and English) for 'licensing / leasing through Auction. The priced brochure containing terms and conditions and eligibility criteria is also put on sale by CDA through its cash counter and at Orissa State Co-operative Bank, Link Road Branch, Cuttack. Allotment of commercial premises is made in favor of the highest bidders. The opening of bids is conducted under the Chairmanship of a retired Judge.

Q2:Can I opt for installment purchase of shops/commercial office premises?

A2:No option. However if a shop is allotted on installment purchase basis, maximum two installments are allowed.

Q3:How do I make payment on demanded amount or installments?

A3: The payments are to be made by the allottee through Bank Draft, Banch Cheque & Demand Draft in favor of the F& A Member, CDA payable at Cuttack to be presented at Orissa State Co-operative Bank, Link Road, Cuttack. The rent collectors of CDA collect CDA dues from the allottees/Licenses directly against issue of money receipt of CDA.

Q4. Do I have to inform office of CDA after making of payments?

A4: Yes

Q5.How can I get N.O.C, for raising Loan from any Bank and Agency?

A5.The allottee can avail Loan from Banks, financial insti­tutions for making payment of cost of shops /Commercial premises by availing N.O.C from CDA. In that eventua­lity, a fee of Rs.1, 000/- is required to be paid along with application of the allottee and consent latter of financial institutions.

Q6.What is conveyance deed?

A6.Conveyance deed is conveyance of sight of ownership of the Shop/Commercial premises to the allottee conveyance deed is executed incase of free hold allot­ments only.

Q7.What is the charges payable for conveyance deed/ lease deed?

A7.No stamp duty is payable, however registration fee at the prevailing rate is only payable and this is to be borne by the allottee.

Q8.What are the other dues to be paid except cost of the shop?

A8.Incase of Lease hold allotment, the allottee is required to pay annual grant and service charges (till the maintenance of the complex is taken over by the Asso­ciation/Co-operative Society to be formed under the apartment of ownership Act, 1982).

Q9.Can I transfer the ownership of allotment/license of a shop without availing permission of CDA?

A9.No, any shop that is allotted by CDA can not be transferred to another person without taking prior permission of CDA.

Q10.Let me know the procedure to be followed incase of transfer of ownership?

A10.The allottee and the prospective transferee are re­quired to submit prescribed application along with required document for permission. Both appear before the secretary, CDA for personal hearing and finally the proposal of the transfer has to be approved by the Vice -Chairman on payment of processing fee.