Faqs on Planning

Q-1. Mention the conditions required for land in proposed plan to get permission for any type of building construction?

Ans. (a) Land in the proposed plan should confirm to the land use terms in the development plan.

(b) Land should not get affected by a proposed road earmarked in the development Plan.

(c) Land in the proposed plan should not be in the prohibited zone of ASI Monuments/State Monuments and regulated zone (area falling beyond 100mts radius to 300 mtr from the boundary of the protected monuments).

(d) The kisam of the land should not be of an agricultural land or Jalasaya.

Q-2. Which certificates/clearances are required to be submitted with the proposed plan?

Ans. The proposed plan should be accompanied by clearance certificates from Fire Prevention Officer, Ground Water Board to use ground water, Public Health Department to use water from the City Water Supply System and to use City Sewerage System (For high rise buildings/apartments) and Structural Stability Certificate.

Besides, one has to submit documents establishing land ownership and peaceful possession.

Q-3. Mention the place where application forms/instruction booklet is available?

Ans. An Application form/Instruction booklet is available at sales counter on payment in Orissa State Co-Operative Bank, Link Road Branch, Arunodaya Bhawan, Cuttack.

Q-4. How permission for group Housing Scheme is obtained?

Ans. A: In case of Group Housing Scheme, permission shall be given only after free gifts of roads and open space land to the local authority.

Q-5. What are documents required to be submitted along with application form for building plans upto four floors?

Ans. (a) Receipt of the scrutiny fee deposited.

(b) Receipt of the development fee, water charges if any.

(c) Seven copies (7) of plan containing information such as floor plan of each floor/stile/basement, site plan, four side elevation, service plan, key plan, terrace plan, general specification, signature of the owner & technical person, title of the plan with plot No. as per the document and site plan.

Q-6. What are the other documents needed to be attached with the filled up application form for building plans upto four floors?

Ans. Following are the other documents required to be submitted along with filled-up application form:

(a) Attested copy of R.O.R/attested copy/attested copy of the sale deed/attested copy of the lease deed of G.A, CDA and Orissa State Housing Board plots/ allotment letter/possession certificate CDA and OSHB plots in various housing schemes.

(b) Affidavit in respect of a peaceful possession of the land in the prescribed format (Annexure II).

(c) Attested copy of the registered gift deed to CMC and the local body or certified copy of the site plan from Tahsildar/authenticated site plan of registered deed showing the approach road or copy of sub-division plan approved by CDA.

(d) N.O.C from neighbor in the form of an affidavit where the construction is proposed to be undertaken on common wall (incase of C.D.A. &O.S.H.B. plots or houses or an affidavit stating that the applicant will take necessary care for undertaking construction in the common wall and will provide similar scope for neighbor to undertake construction in the common wall (affidavit –III & IV).

(e) Clearance certificate from O.S.H.B to undertake additional construction (in case of O.S.H.B. (Housing Scheme).

(f) Clearance from endowment commissioner if the land is owned by a deity.

(g) Filled up supervision form by an empanelled Architect/ Engineer/Structural Engineer/Technical person (Annexure-IA).

(h) Clearance from A.S.I. (Archaeological Survey of India) if plot is located in regulated zone/zone of ASI monuments and other monuments as required by CDA.