Possession and acquisition of land is pivotal for taking up various schemes by any development authority. Implementation of housing, commercial and infrastructural development projects largely depends on the extent of land in the possession of the authority or the implementing agency. Cuttack Development Authority generally acquires land from Revenue department under the administration of District Magistrates and Collector Cuttack, on long term lease basis.

The Land section functions under the direct control of the Secretary. Land Officer, OAS (II), Section Officer (one), Junior Assistant (one), Rent Collector (three) and Amins (three) assist the Secretary, CDA in functioning of the section.


Filing of alienation proposal in case of Govt. land and requisition of private land for acquisition, site survey, persuasion at the offices of Revenue Authorities, collection of ground rent and payment of land premium and ground rents are the prime functions of land section.

Statement of Land Use in Bidanasi Project Area