Development of Bidanasi Triangle, C.D.A, Cuttack


As the plotted development will not ensure a high density standard and will delay the solution of housing problem, corporate housing projects in multistoried apartments to be encouraged for owing a house or staying on rent. Of the total saleable residential area, not more than 50% should be sold to private individuals for housing purposes with plotted developments. The ground coverage, set-back standards and the F.A.R. should strictly adhere to.

Five percent of the total residential area in each sector is to be reserved for service population where roads, electricity, water supply through stand posts and public levorotary are to be provided. Spaces are to be earmarked for schools, shopping, puja pendal and other community requirements.

Transportation and Circulation Pattern

(a) A bridge over Kathajori has to be provided at Naraj.

(b) The existing railway station at Naraj-Marthapur to be used as an alternate rail head for the city of Cuttack.

(c) Due to the rise in pond water level owing to construction of Mahanadi barrage, water transport to Choudwar, Kakhadi, Dhabaleswar will be available for other recreational purposes.

(d) A road bridge is necessary at Dhabaleswar to connect Cuttack City and Athagarh Sub-Division.

(e) A helipad may be necessary for direct landing inside the Triangle.

The Circulation Plan for Types of Roads in Bidanasi Triangle

(a) Regional Traffic Artery i.e. embankment roads of 200’ R/W.

(b) City Arterial Road of 150’ R/W which is the main spine of linear Bidanasi Triangle.

(c) Sub- Arterial Road of 80’ R/W.

(d) Major road which bound Sectors of 60’ R/W.

(e) Collector’s street of 40’ R/W – To give access to the individual buildings but not planned to take fast moving and heavy vehicle.

(f) Minor housing streets of 30’ R/W.

Bus and Truck Terminus

(a) A regional bus terminus over an area of 10 acres provided in the Central Sector near the northern embankment.

(b) A regional transport centre for trucks can be developed at the railway station at Naraj- Marthapur.

Proposed Land Use

As per the recommended space standards, land allocation for various uses at Bidanasi Triangle has been made as follows:

Proposed Land Use Analysis

Sl. No. Land Use Area in Acres. %to total Developable Area.
1. Residential 951.20 45.7
2. Commercial 80.00 3.85
3. Industrial 41.00 1.97
4. Public & Semi-public 285.50 13.72
5. a) Administrative 35.00 1.68
  b) Education 152.50 7.33
  c) Religious 16.00 0.77
  d) Health 60.00 2.88
  e) Utility & Services 22.00 1.06
6. Open Space 292.00 14.04
7. Transport & Communication. 380.52 18.29
  Water Bodies 50.00 2.40
Total Developable Area 2080.22 100.00

Source: Town Planning Unit Office, Cuttack

Sectoral Development

Sl. No. Sectoral Develoments Sectors
1 No. of Sectors in Bidanasi Triangle 15 sectors
2 Developed Sectors Sector-6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.
3 Sectors under the Process of Development Sector -1, 2, 12 & 13.
4 Sectors to be Developed Sector 14 & 15
5 Sectors not Developed Due to Basti Area Sector-3,4 & 5

Development Already Made in Various Sectors

Sl. No. Development Already Made Sectors
1 Shopping centre sector 6
2 Neighborhood shops Sector- 6,7 & 9
3 H.I.G. buildings 34 Nos. in Sector-6
39 Nos. in sector- 8 & 9
4 Kalyan Mandap Sector 6
5 Establishment of building centre for production of cost effective building materials  Sector-6
6 Avenue plantation Sector 6,7,8,9, 7, 11 & 13
7 High Max Lighting Bellview to Sector -8
8 Residential plots 9629 Nos.+1570 = 11199 Nos ( Bidanasi Triangle )

Statement Showing the Park:

Sl. No. Name of the sector. C.D.A. Lay out Plot No. Area in Sqft. Remarks
1. 6 1195 152460 Sqft. Jayaprakash Park.
2. 9 224 46125   Sqft. Justice Jugal Kishore Mohanty
3. 11 80 (P) 78495   Sqft. Birenmitra Park.
4. 12 -- 2146201.2 Sqft. Biju Pattnaik Park.