Terms and Conditions of Allotment

The plots are allotted on long term lease basis. The plots are allotted only on payment of full cost. That in case of allotment of plots, the building must be constructed within three years from the date of handing over of possession. Failing so, the lease is determined and possession of plot is taken over by the Authority. In that eventuality, total amount paid by the allottee is refunded to them after resuming the possession of plot without payment of any interest.

No plot is allowed to be transferred unless full payment is made. The allottees would, however, be allowed to surrender unconditionally the plot in favor of Authority before making full payment and in that case, the initial deposit is forfeited partly or fully and the remaining amount paid, if any, would be refunded to the allottees within two years from the date of surrender without payment of any interest. If the amount is not paid within two years, the allotted would be entitled to payment of simple interest calculated at a rate of 9 % per annum on the refundable amount for the period beyond two years.

That the applicant will not be entitled to transfer the plot (with constructions, if any) by way of sale or otherwise, part with possession of the whole or part of the same except by way of inheritance without the previous consent of the Authority in writing. The Authority reserves the right to refuse to give such consent in its absolute discretion without assigning any reason therefore.

In the event of transfer or otherwise parting with possession of the plot with or without building, without obtaining previous consent of the Authority in writing, such transfer or parting with possession shall not be recognized by the Authority and it shall be open to the Authority to cancel all allotment/terminate the lease and resume the plot.

In the event of consent being given to such transfer, the Authority reserves the right to impose such terms and conditions for such transfer as it may think fit and the Authority shall be entitled to claim and recover a portion of the unearned increase in the value of the plot (i.e. difference between the premium paid and the market value of the plot on the date of transfer) at the time of sale/transfer/assigning etc., the amount recoverable being 50% of the unearned increase.

The decision of the Authority, regarding fixing of the market value of the plot referred to above, shall be final and binding. In case the Authority feels that the plot, if transferred will cause inconvenience to the neighboring allottees or the plot is required for its own use, it shall exercise the right of pre-emption and will pay to the allotted cost of building if any, as determined by registered values.

Provided that in case of transfer to direct blood relations, 50 % of the unearned increase in value would not be payable. However, the Authority may charge transfer fees as applicable at the time of granting permission for such transfer. That the plots are not allowed to be subdivide/ amalgamated with other plots.

That the plots allotted shall be used exclusively for the purpose for which they are allotted. Plots would be allowed opening as planned by the Authority.

The allottees will have to pay the annual ground rent of the land as fixed by Government from time to time as proportionate to them. This will be subject to revision. Pending the same annual ground rent at following rates shall be payable by the allottee from the date of issue of final allotment order.

Category Standard Size Ground Rate per Year B- 4000sqft, Rs.400/-; C- 2400sqft, Rs.240/-; D -1500sqft, Rs.150/- ; E -1200sqft, Rs.120/- ; F 600sqft, Rs. 60/-

However, for irregular plots with excess or less area than the standard size plots, annual ground rent @ Rs.0.10 paise/sqft shall be charged by the Authority.

The allottees would also be required to pay the rates, rents, service charge, water charges taxes etc of the CDA or Municipality or of any other Authority which is required to be paid by them under the rules or the statutes in force.

Pending charging of such taxes by Municipality etc, the allottees would pay 2 % of the cost of land as service charge per annum to the Authority from the date of starting of construction of house. The year will be reckoned from 1st April to 31st March and full service charge would be payable for part of a year.

That the open latrines and latrines not connected with sewerage line/septic tank would not be permitted. The allottee has to pay the connection charge for sewerage connection available.

The exchange of plot is not allowed. All the dues of the Authority are recoverable as arrears of land revenue along with interest.

All the payments shall be received in shape of account payee bank draft/pay order drawn in favor of Cuttack Development Authority and payable at any of the branch of the commercial bank situated within Cuttack City.

That the Cuttack Development Authority reserves its right to alter anyone of them at its discretion, if and when considered necessary. The altered terms, if any, will supersede these terms and conditions from the date of its intimation.

That in addition to above terms and conditions any other terms and conditions imposed by the Government for transfer of the land would also be included in these terms and conditions.

The Cuttack Development Authority reserves the right to withdraw any or all the plots from offering to the public before allotment. Conditional, incomplete application and application without initial deposit non-refundable processing fee shall not be entertained and no intimation will be sent to the applicant in this regard.

The Authority reserves the right to reject any or all applications for allotment of plot without assigning any reason thereof and without intimation to the applicant.

That the Authority reserves the right to alter or modify the plan scheme, the size of the plots and land use if required in the interest of the scheme or due to the conditions beyond its control.

The information on dimensions and area of plots are provisional & subject to minor modification.

That all correspondences are made with applicant through their given address mentioned in the application from, unless the changed address is intimated to the Authority in writing and confirmation of the same has been obtained by him form CDA. The letter dispatched through post from the Authority would be persuaded to have been delivered after a reasonable time form the date of dispatch and such intimation would be proper and sufficient for all legal purposes. The applicants are, therefore, requested to make adequate arrangement for receipt of letters dispatched from office of the Authority at such address.