Sri Pratap Jena
Hon’ble Minister
H &Urban Devlopment, Govt. of Odisha

Sri G.Mathivathanan, IAS
Principal Secretary
Housing & Urban Development Department

Sri Bhabani Shankar Chayani,OAS(SAG)
Vice-Chairman, CDA, Cuttack
Comprehensive Development Plan of Cuttack NEW
  E Payment
Building Plan Approval Status 2018
Building Plan Approval Status 2017
Building Plan Approval Status 2015-16
Final Amnesty Scheme of CDA.
Final CDP Report
Report Map
Village Maps
Zone Maps
Clarification of Queries raised in Pre-bid Meeting
Corrigendum No.4326
Corrigendum No.4546
Brochure Commercial & Institutional Plots _NEW
Brochure Commercial Plots Revised
Brochure Residential Plots Revised
Brochure Residential Plots_NEW
Advt. for Affordable Housing Scheme
RFP Naranpur Affordable Housing Scheme
Brochure for KZK Enclave Duplex
CDA Land Regulation 2016 by CDA
CDA Property Regulations 2016
Location and Layout Map of KZK Enclave, Sector-9
Policy for Housing For All in Urban Areas
Policy Manual Guidelines CDA Land and Implementation Policy 2015
Odisha Development Authorities (Common Application forms) Rules 2016
Amin Report
Building Regulatins of CDA
Occupancy Certficate
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